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Any birth, death or marriage headings written in purple denote that I have that certificate.


J. W. M.

Born: 7th February 1939, Carlton Vic.
Died: 4th September 1997, Alfred Hospital Prahran Vic.
Buried: Crib Point cemetery (cremated).

J. W. was born in the Royal Womens’ Hospital, Carlton Vic., although his death certificate shows he was born in Hawthorn Vic, and his marriage certificate shows Fitzroy Vic. The death certificate mistake was the result of his partner at the time of his death giving incorrect information as to his birth place. This just goes to show how even in modern times information can become convoluted and misleading, and often needs to be carefully checked. The marriage certificate information may not actually be incorrect. Both Fitzroy and Carlton are adjacent to each other in inner city Melbourne, and that particular hospital is just about on the boundary. Some people say it is in Carlton, and some say it is in Fitzroy. J. W. was a plumber by trade, and spent much of his working life in the public service, working in the Hastings, Vic. area for the local water company.


M. I. G.

Born: 10th October 1941, Bacchus Marsh Vic.

On: 29th October 1960
At: St. Peters Church, Box Hill Vic.


On: 23rd October, 1976


G. D. W.

Born: 13th March, 1931, Kew Vic.

On: 20th November, 1976
At: Blackburn South, Vic.

C. J. P.

Born: 24th January, 1940

C. J.s’ birth certificate actually states his birth date as 24th January, 1940. However his mother always insisted it was actually the 25th, and he has always celebrated it on the 25th.


D. B. W.

Born: 10th April, 1946

On: 22nd August, 1964
At: Methodist Church, Kerang



John Joseph MAHER

Born: 1st September, 1911, Fitzroy Vic. (reg. 19762)
Died: 18th December, 1959 (reg. 15)
Buried: Fawkner cemetery, Roman Catholic section, compartment "U', grave 15588

John was born at home, at 74 Condell St. Fitzroy. At the date of his marriage, he lived at 132 Mary St. Richmond, and gave his occupation as "Labourer". He joined the Army during WWII (V201868). His place of residence on his death was 367 Highett St. Richmond, with his occupation as "Boiler Attendant". He died in 1959, but his death certificate was prepared in 1960.



Born: 15th January, 1909, Jumbunna Vic. (reg. 4113)
Died: 24th December, 1962 (reg. 572 in 1963)
Buried: Fawkner cemetery (with John Joseph)

Alices' birth certificate shows Mr. and Mrs. Rintoul were present at her birth. It is assumed that these were her grandmother Catherine and her husband William. On her marriage, Alices' address was 367 Highett St. Richmond. Her younger sister Edith was a witness to the marriage. The other witness was a T. A. Hoare. Her address at death was also Highett St.

On: 26th March, 1936
At: St. Stephens, Richmond Vic. (reg. 740)

John and Alice had four children:
B. A. M., born 24th November, 1936
J. W.
J. E., born 8th December, 1941
G. F., born 21st December, 1943

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1931 and 1936 Alice lived at 15 George St. Richmond and was a Machinist. In 1936 John lived at 132 Mary St. Richmond, and was a Labourer.


Leslie Charles GRAHAM

Born: 10th February 1903, East Melbourne Vic. (reg. 27169)
Died: 2nd January 1978, Box Hill Vic. (reg. 2957)
Buried: Leslie left his body to science, and therefore was not buried

Leslie was born at the Trinity School, Hoddle St. East Melbourne. His address at the time of his marriage is given as Bena, Victoria, with his occupation as "Farmer". He was in the Army during WWII (V361393). His address at the time of his death was 13 Irving Ave. Box Hill. It is also interesting to note that Leslies' father died on the day that his future wife was born.


Isabella Robson NORRIS

Born: 13th August 1910, Northumberland, Durham, England (vol. 10a, p 632)
Died: 12th July, 2000, Edithvale Vic.
Buried: Isabella was cremated, and her ashes scattered. No physical memorial exists

Isabella was born at 41 Durham St. Sacriston. She arrived in Australia on 23rd November 1925, on board the "Baradine", having sailed from London on 1st October 1925. With her were her 2 siblings, her half brother, mother, and grandmother (Isabella Robson). Her address on her marriage was 35 Lloyd St. Heidelberg West. The witnesses were Leslies' brother Hugh, and his sister Gertrude.

On: 5th October 1929
At: St. Johns Church of England, Heidelberg Vic. (reg. 9915)

Isabella and Leslie had eight children:
R. M., born 1930
D. L., born 1932
K. R., born 1934
J. M., born 1937
M. I.
I. C., born 1945
M. A., born 1945
S. A., born 1949

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1931 Leslie lived in Kilcunda Rd. Bena, and was a Farm Labourer.
In 1936 they lived at Drummoyne, Carrajung, with Leslie as a Farmer.

Leslie Ralph HAYMES

On: Approx.1981
At: South Australia


Wilhelm Carl PETERSEN

Born: 12th June, 1902, Port Melbourne Vic. (reg. 20943)
Died: 3rd June, 1975, Ballarat (reg. 15510)
Buried: Kerang cemetery

Wilhelm was born at 75 Station St. Port Melbourne. It is interesting to note that on his birth record he had the anglicised name Charles William. On his marriage, Wilhelm lived in Lake Charm, Victoria. When he died, he lived in Ballarat, in a nursing home. He and Helen had been separated for years.


Helen Taylor JOHNSON

Born: 17th August, 1914, Carlton Vic. (reg. 20072)
Died: 19th November, 1983 (reg. 26790)
Buried: Kerang cemetery

Helens' birth certificate shows her surname as "Westwood", but she was brought up as a Johnson, and always referred to herself as such. At her death, Helen lived at 23 Nolan St. Kerang.

On: 17th August, 1935 (reg. 10256)

On their wedding certificate, Wilhelm has a second middle name Cilverine. Wilhem and Helen had 5 children:
A. V., born 4th June 1937, died 1st February 1968
J. W., born 15th September 1938
C. J.
B. P., born 12 June 1941
H. M., born 3rd March 1943

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1924 and 1931 Wilhelm (William) Lived at Lake Charm, and was a Farmer.
In 1936 they lived at Lake Charm, with Wilhelm (William) as a Farmer.


George Benjamin WEBB

Born: 27th August, 1917 (reg. 21756)
Died: 3rd January, 2003

George joined the army twice during WWII. He enlisted in 1940 (V41686) listing John Webb as his next of kin, and again in 1941 (VX54200), with Barbara Webb as next of kin. His address at the time of his marriage was the Seymour Military Camp, but his usual address was Kerang.


Barbara Gladys WOOLLER

Born: 23rd March, 1923, Preston, Steyning, England (ref. 2b/395, Jun Q.)
Died: 20th June, 1953 (reg. 9046)
Buried: Maddingley cemetery

Barbara was born at Withdean Cottages, Patcham Rd. She arrived in Australia as a 3 year-old on board the "Bendigo" in July 1926. The witnesses to her marriage were Thomas Blakeston Edwards and Nellie Irene Edwards. When she died her address was Swansea Rd. Montrose.

On: 12th September, 1942 (reg. 14489)
At: Bacchus Marsh, Vic.

George and Barbara had 4 children:
D. B.
D. J., born 1st June 1947
R. G., born 23rd September 1948
J. A., born 1st August 1952


Betty Heather (Heather) KEATH

Born: 1st August, 1931.

On: 14th March, 1960
At: Greensborough, Vic.

George and Heather had another child, S. C., on 28th January 1961.



William Thomas MAHER

Born: 16th April, 1867, St. Kilda Vic. (reg. 16851)
Died: 4th January, 1949 (reg. 1160)
Buried: Fawkner cemetery, Roman Catholic section, compartment "U", grave 7110

Research has uncovered the fact that in 1903 Williams' mother Ellen (and his brother John) was living at 74 Gertrude St. Fitzroy, and Mabels' mother Sarah was at 70 Gertrude St. It seems feasible then that this is how William met Mabel (but of course it is not certain, given that Mabel gave birth to a child in Sydney in 1900). At the time of his marriage, William Thomas lived at 212 Liverpool St. Sydney. On his death, he was living at 132 Mary St. Richmond. His son Ernest William, who died age 53, is buried with him.


Mabel Therisa Victoria O'LEARY

Born: 22nd April, 1874, Fitzroy Vic. (reg. 8022)
Died: 23rd August, 1914, Fitzroy Vic. (reg. 9020)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Roman Catholic section, compartment "Y", grave 732

Mabel was born in George St. Fitzroy. The lastest research suggests that her son Ernest William was in fact born in 1895, in the Womens Hospital, with Mabel listed as "Mabel Hogan". No father is listed. Her address at the time of her marriage was given as 212 Liverpool St. Sydney. The witnesses were Patrick Clune and W. J. McLean. When she died she was living at 74 Condell St. Fitzroy.

On: 13th March, 1904
At: St. Mary's Cathederal, Sydney (reg. 577/1904)

William and Mabel had six children:
William (probably Ernest William, see above).
Maud, born in Sydney, 1900 (reg. 463) (no father listed)
Doris V. M. (no father listed) in N. S. W. in 1904 (reg. 404), died an infant (reg. 254)
Ellen Amelia, born 1906 in Fitzroy South (reg. 26640)
Florence Mary, born 1909 in Fitzroy South (reg. 19108)
John Joseph

At present there is some confusion about the children of Thomas and Mabel. Mabels' death certificate lists all six children, but John Josephs' birth certificate only lists the last 4 (Ernest and Maud not listed). It is possible that the two eldest children were in fact not fathered by William.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1909 William and Mabel lived at 76 Condell St. Fitzroy, with William as a Bootmaker.
In 1914 William and Mabel lived at 74 Condell St. Fitzroy, with William as a Bootmaker.
In 1919 and 1924 William lived at 74 Condell St. Fitzroy, as a Bootmaker.
In 1931 he is believed to be at 110 Springhall Pde. Pascoe Vale Sth. as a Bootmaker.
In 1936 he is believed to be at 73 Moor St. Fitzroy, as a Bootmaker.


William Mitchell McHUTCHISON

Born: 21st May, 1877, Ballarat Vic. (reg. 6487)
Died: 31st March, 1940 (reg. 2945)
Buried: (Cremated) Fawkner cemetery, Garden of Remembrance 1, compartment 15, niche 89

William was born at Barkly St. South, Ballarat East. He became a farrier. On his death his address was 94 Christmas St. Northcote.



Born: 17th June, 1878, Moama N. S. W.
Died: 23rd June, 1949 (reg. 6292)
Buried: (Cremated) Fawkner cemetery, Garden of Remembrance 1, compartment "c", niche 128

On: 12th July, 1905
At: Baptist Church, Jumbunna Vic. (reg. 6117)

At present definite proof of Katies' birth cannot be found, but the birth and death dates and the following information has been found in the family bible (held by the daughter of Dorathea Isabel):
At her wedding, Katie was attended by her sister Belle and her stepsister Elsie Rintoul. She was given away by her stepfather, W. H. Rintoul. Mr. S. McHutchison was best man.
William and Katie had six children:
Dorothea Isabel, born 16th December 1905, Armadale (reg. 22967)
Jean Elsie, born 13th July 1907, Jumbunna reg. (19694)
Alice Grace
Edith Catherine, born 14th May 1910, Grantville (reg. 11657)
Alexander Robert, born 16th April, 1912, Grantville (reg.12264)
Mavis Melba, born 24th October, 1917, North Melbourne (reg. 29847)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1914 they lived in Grantville.
In 1924 they lived at 115 Buckingham St. Richmond.
In 1931 and 1936 they lived at 15 George St. Richmond.

When Katie died, her address was 98 Christmas St. Northcote.


Richard Charles GRAHAM

Born: 2nd March 1870, Carlton Vic. (reg. 3939)
Died: 13th August, 1910, East Melbourne (reg. 9885)
Buried: Kew cemetery, C of E compartment "c", grave 3992

According to his marriage certificate, Richard was a dairyman, but his death certificate has him as a clerk. He died when his youngest son was 3 months of age, of typhoid fever. At the time he was living at 14 Cromwell St. Collingwood.



Born: 28th September, 1877, Collingwood Vic. (reg. 21413)
Died: 20th December, 1913, Sth. Fitzroy (reg. 13256)
Buried: Kew cemetery (with Richard Charles)

On: 7th July 1902
At: Holy Trinity Church, East Melbourne Vic. (reg. 4812)

Alices’ birth certificate actually shows her full name to be Alice Mary Young Benson, although Mary herself signed her wedding certificate as Alice Maryann Young Benson. The birth certificate is hard to read, but it seems that her date of birth was 28th September, 1877. Her address at birth is 2 Cromwell St. Collingwood. The witnesses to her marriage were her father, and her mothers' sister Jemima Ann. At the time of her death Alice lived at 496 McGowan St. East Doncaster.
Alice and Richard had six children:
Leslie Charles
Gertrude Alice, born 1904 (reg. 19661), died in N.S.W. circa 1985
Robert Arthur Meldrum (Stumpy), born 1905 (reg. 27517), died 1970 (reg. 20403)
Richard George, born 1907 (reg. 20400), died 1955 (reg. 12778)
Hughie Wilson, born 1908 (reg. 28565), died 1980 (reg. 19615)
Alexander Edward, born 1910, (reg. 18450), died 1970 (reg. 15219)

It seems that Alice also had two other children. Henry Dyson was born 1894 (reg. 18946) with no father listed. Henry died at sea on 14th July 1915, on board the hospital ship "Gascon", as a result of wounds received at Gallipoli (service no. 167). A war memorial at Nathalia states he was buried at Gallipoli. Henry Young Benson was listed as next of kin, but in his file Henry signs for his "sons" belongings as his grandfather. Interestingly, he is listed in the WWII archives as "Henry Ernest Benson", and was apparently known to many people as "Ern". A 1916 newspaper memorial confirms this. The memorial states his name and nickname (Ern), and his service number. It was inserted by the "parents" and "siblings" he grew up with.
Ethel was born in 1899 in Maidstone (reg. 27968) and died in 1900 in Collingwood (reg. 8697). Nothing further is known of her.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1903 they lived at 1232 Hoddle St. East Melbourne, with Richard as a Groom.
In 1909 they lived at 40 Ross St. Richmond, with Richard as a Collector.


Robert Greenwell NORRIS

Born: 19th April, 1883, Front Row, Bebside, Northumberland, England (vol. 10b, p 257)
Died: 8th July, 1916, KIA Somme, France
Buried: Ovillers Military Cemetery, Albert Province, France

Robert was a coal miner. At the time of his marriage, he lived at 27 Front Row, Bebside, Northumberland. He joined the army in WWI, and died in battle at the Somme.



Born: 5th May, 1889, 2 Blacking Cottages, Low Fell, Gateshead on Tyne, England (vol. 10a, p 933)
Died: 30th May, 1967 (reg. 8982)
Buried: Springvale Cemetery, Melaleuca section, garden M 10, bed 4, rose 18

At her marriage, Anna lived at 12 Wood Row, Bebside, Northumberland. The witnesses to her marriage were John Greenwell and Edith Rutherford (who would soon marry Annas' brother Robert). At her death Anna lived at 13/60 Clow St. Dandenong.

On:14th December, 1907
At: St. Marys, Horton, Northumberland, England (vol. 10b, p 328)

Anna and Robert had three children:
Robert, born 1908
Isabella Robson
Elizabeth, born 1915
At the time of Roberts' death, Anna lived at 74 Fifth St. Horden, Durham.


Joseph Coulthard GRAY

On: Sept. Q. 1917
At: Sth. Shields (Vol. 10a, p 1243)

Anna arrived in Australia in 1925. She had remarried, and had a child to Joe. She arrived with the three Norris children, plus her first child to Joe (Frederick, also known as Eric), and her mother, in November 1925, on the "Baradine". The last address in England for all the above was 1 Brick Row, Bank Top, Bedlington, Northumberland. At present nothing of Joes' passage can be found. He appeared not to have arrived on the same ship as Anna. She eventually had 5 more children to Joe (Russell, Mary, Joseph, Henry and Doreen). It should also be noted that daughter Nancy was actually born Anna Gray in 1919; not to Robert as Annas' death certificate states. Young Anna died in 1924. Family legend states that a Nancy was burned to death in a fire, but this is not borne out by the certificate, which states she died of Polio. Current research strongly suggests that the family legend actually refers to Hannah Robson, who died in 1896 after her clothes caught fire.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1931 they lived at Gunyah, with Joe as a Labourer.
In 1936 they lived at High St. Berwick, with Joe as a Seaman.


Karl Wilhelm Severin PETERSEN

Born: 6th June 1864, Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Norway
Died: 17th September 1901 (reg. 10782)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, C of E section, compartment "DD", grave 871e

Current research seems to suggest that Karl emigrated (it is assumed with his brother Selmer) on the ship "great Victoria", arriving in Port Melbourne on 11th April 1887. It is interesting to note that Karls' name is spelt in varying ways. On his wedding certificate, it is Charles William Severin (obviously anglicised), on the birth of Herman it is spelt as above, and on the birth of the other children it is anglicised again. He died before his youngest son was born, in a timber saw accident at work (inquest ref. 1131). The company was Petersen and Larsen, packing case maufacturers, owned by his brother Selmer and Martin Larsen. At that time he and Sarah were living at 357 Bay St. Port Melbourne. He is buried along with his two young sons.


Sarah Jane YOUNG

Born: 17th February, 1870, St. Kilda, Vic. (reg. 5527)
Died: 11th August, 1956, Kerang Vic. (reg. 21163)
Buried: Kerang cemetery

On: 31st July, 1890 (reg. 5011)
At: South Melbourne, Vic.

Sarah Jane was born in Argyle St. St. Kilda. The witnesses to Karl and Sarahs' marriage were H. Petersen and Caroline Harrison.
Karl and Sarah had three children:
Herman William Olaf, born 1898 (reg.21383), died age 12
Harold Rudolph Theodore, born 1900 (reg. 13548), died age 1
Wilhelm Carl



On: 1911 (reg. 3565)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
From 1914 till 1936 they lived at Lake Charm.


William Percival WESTWOOD

Born: circa September, 1890, Leyton, England
Died: Unknown

Williams' marriage certificate lists his parents as William Percy Westwood and Agnes Perrin. At present no birth record can be found for William, nor can a marriage record for his parents. It is possible that he died on 9th May 1941, in the Austin Hospital, Victoria (reg. 4146), as the details that are available seem to fit with the research. However, this is by no means proven as yet to be the correct death. It seems that shortly after the birth of Helen, William went off to war (WWI, no. 4444). He gave his wife an engraved brooch as a memento on his departure. On his return, he seems to have gone off to Sydney to live. An article appeared in the "Argus" newspaper on 15th February, 1921 granting a decree nisi to Martha on the grounds of desertion. On 10th March 1921 the "Argus" pubished a list of soldiers who had not yet claimed their War Gratuity Bonds. Williams' name was in that list. Army records show that in 1938 he asked for some discharge papers to be sent to the address 410 Victoria St. Darlinghurst, c/- Mr. W. Perrin. A month later the papers were sent to that address, and returned marked "Not Known at This Address". No more is known of him at this stage, except that he enlisted in the army again, on 14th September 1932, under the name Perrin (no. 254963).


Martha McBRIDE

Born: Believed 11th May 1895, Glasgow, Scotland
Died: 4th July, 1974, Bendigo (reg. 19503)
Buried: Martha was cremated at Fawkner, and her ashes scattered

On: 9th June 1914 (reg. 5133)
At: 223 McKean St. Fitzroy Vic.

Martha allegedly landed in South Australia upon arrival in Australia, circa 1912. However, information suggests she may have actually landed in Melbourne in June - July 1913, on board the "Miltiades" (ref. 874/004), with her occupation stated as "maid". She and William were married at the Presbyterian Sisterhood, an organisation set up to help young ladies in trouble. On her marriage certificate, her parents are listed as William McBride (stonemason) and Helen Taylor. The witnesses to the marriage were P. W. Salmon (believed at present to be Marthas' employer), and Hariett Thomson, who was the Deaconess who "recommended" Martha to the Sisterhood.
Helen was her only child. However, she did adopt a child, Gordon, whilst married to Joseph. It is unknown what became of him.


On: 16th May 1921




On: 1923 (reg. 11610)
At: Sth. Melbourne

Joseph is strictly not part of the family tree, but was known to C. J. P. as his grandfather. Martha married Joseph as a "MacBride".


John Clarence Murray WEBB

Born: 4th February, 1898, Kerang Vic. (reg. 4221)
Died: 27th November, 1963 (reg. 25194)
Buried: Kerang cemetery

John is listed as being a drover. On his death, John was living at 49 Scoresby St. Kerang.


Charlotte Rebecca LACEY

Born: 12th December, 1896 (reg. 6878 (1897))
Died: 15th September, 1989
Buried: Kerang cemetery

The witnesses to Charlottes' marriage were W. Sinclair and (believed) G. Punch. It is quite interesting that on the death certificates of both her parents, Charlotte had the middle name "Martha", and on her own marriage certificate she had two middle names; "Rebecca Evelyn".

On: 12th July, 1917 (reg. 5115)
At: Christ Church, Swan Hill

John and Charlotte had six children:
George Benjamin
John Edwin (Jack), born 1919
Melva Joyce, born 1922
Mervyn Lawrence, born 1927
Ronald, born circa 1932
Alan Lindsay, born 1936

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1919, 1924 and 1931 they lived at Albert St. Kerang, with John as a Drover.
In 1936 they lived in Scoresby St. Kerang, with John as a Drover.



Born: 3rd May, 1892, Cuckfield, Sussex, England (Vol. 2b, p 168)
Died: 6th October, 1968, Ballarat (reg. 24496)
Buried: (Cremated) Western Suburbs Crematorium, Altona

George was christened on 3rd July 1892. His death certificate states his home address was 12 Pilmer St. Bacchus Marsh. His occupation is given as Linesman.


Ethel Beatrice May TULLY

Born: 27th June, 1896, Brighton, Sussex (Vol. 2b, p 214)
Died: 16th March, 1970, Melbourne (reg. 5886)
Buried: (Cremated) Western Suburbs Crematorium, Altona

Ethel was born at 36 Blackman St. Brighton. The witnesses to Ethels' marriage were Ernest Alfred Tully and Jack Wooller. Her death certificate lists her father as George A. Tully, mother Unknown.

On: 20th December 1918 (2b/439)
At: Cuckfield, Sussex, England.

George and Ethels' last address before they left for Australia was Withdean Cottages, Withdean Farm, Patcham, Nr. Brighton. They arrived in Australia on board the "Bendigo" on 25th July 1926, having left London on 3rd June 1926. They brought their 4 children with them. Another 3 were born in Australia. The children were:
George Walter, born in Cuckfield, Jun Q. 1920 (ref. 2b/305)
Jessie Margaret, born in Cuckfield, Jun Q. 1921 (ref. 2b/249)(written as "Jessie Margerite")
Barbara Gladys
John H, born in Steyning, Sept. Q. 1924 (2b/377), died March Q. 1925 (2b/346)
Marjorie Elizabeth, born in Steyning, Mar Q. 1926 (2b/361)
Roy Arthur, born circa 1931
William Derek, born circa 1934
Frederick Arnold, born circa 1938

The following has been found from electoral rolls:
In 1931 and 1936 they lived at "Thisleden" in Bacchus Marsh, with George listed as a Herdsman.



Michael MAHER

Born: Circa 1838 - 1840, Tipperary, Ireland
Died: 12th October, 1874, Melbourne (reg. 12104)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Roman Catholic area, compartment "S", grave 203

Michael was illiterate. His age at marriage is given as 27. His parents are given as Thomas Maher and Ann Maher. He was allegedly in Victoria for 22 years, so would have come out circa 1852. His address on his death certificate is Fitzroy St. St. Kilda, with his age at marriage as 25.


Ellen FURE

Born: Circa 1842, Cork, Ireland
Died: 20th January 1914, Melbourne (reg. 2817)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Roman Catholic area, compartment "Y", grave 732

Ellen was illiterate. This creates uncertainty about her maiden name. Also, her age at death is given in the BDM as 69, while her age given to the cemetery was 59. She allegedly lived in Victoria for 56 years. If so, she came to Victoria circa 1858. The witnesses to her marriage seem to have been James Hazel and Catherine Hazel. Her address at death was given by her son John as 388 LaTrobe St. Melbourne. Research has also shown that she lived at 58 Gertrude St. Fitzroy for some time after her husbands' death, and at 74 Gertrude St. from at least 1888 to 1903. We also know from her death notice that she had a sister, Mrs. Canavan, in Kyneton.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1909 and 1914 Ellen was living (with son John) at 388 LaTrobe St. Melbourne.

On: 28th October, 1865 (reg. 3995)
At: St. Francis church, Melbourne.

Michael and Ellen had five children:
William Thomas
John Michael, born in St. Kilda, 1869 (reg. 5410) under the surname "Meagher".
Mary, born circa 1870 (no record as yet, but believed to have married J. Hibbett and moved to Western Australia)
Ellen, born circa 1871 (no record as yet), died in 1888. She is buried with Mabel Maher.
Florence, born circa 1873 (no record as yet, however it is known that she married James O'Regan and moved to Sydney)


Daniel O'LEARY

Born: November 11th, 1848, Melbourne (reg. 3804 and 42580)
Died: 21st April 1913, Bendigo Benevolent Asylum (reg. 4393)
Buried: Bendigo cemetery, public grave

It is not currently known why Daniel has two birth registrations. It is possibly has something to do with his Roman Catholic baptism (5th March 1849). Daniel was admitted to the Kew Asylum (by Sarah) on 30th June 1874, patient 638. His condition was simply described as "mania". He was discharged on August 10th 1874, and returned on 26th July 1875. He stayed there until 5th June 1907, when he was admitted to the Sunbury Asylum (patient 1075), then to Bendigo Benevolent Asylum on 25th November 1908. It is also known that on May 5th 1876 a letter was tendered to a parliamentary inquiry regarding the fact that Daniel was in the Kew asylum being cared for by the public purse, while his youngest brother was squandering his parents' and older siblings' inheritances.
It is interesting to note that on Mabels' wedding certificate he is listed as "Denis". On his marriage, Daniel was living in Lonsdale St. Melbourne. He is listed as being a Blacksmith on his marriage certificate, and on Mabels birth certificate as a Farmer.


Sarah Tonkin GILBERT

Born: 31st January 1848, Cornwall (vol 9, p 126)
Died: 26th July, 1926, Fitzroy Sth. (reg. 9681)
Buried: Coburg cemetery, C of E section, compartment FF, grave 28

According to her birth certificate, Sarah was actually born as Sarah Tonkin, and baptised on 21st May 1848. At that time she was living in Meneage St. Helston. Also, she is listed on Mabel Therisas' birth certificate as being aged 24 in 1874, and as 74 at her death in 1926. Further investigation is required. At her death, Sarah was living at 40 Palmer St. Fitzroy. She rests with her husband Thomas, son Thomas Albert Victor, daughter Florence Maud Tatum, and son in law Charles Francis Hollis. On her marriage to Thomas, Sarah claims that she was widowed in 1878. Sarahs' death certificate also throws up a few interesting anomalies. It states that Eveline Sarah was actually born to Thomas Hogan (no mention is made of Eliza Jane Maud), and also gives two children (Rose and Eileen) whose births as yet cannot be found. Eileen was in fact Irene Agnes, who went on to marry Charles Hollis, who is buried in the same grave as Sarah. Rose seems to have been Rosa Adela Beatrice.

On: November 28th, 1868 (reg. 4101)
At:St. Francis Church, Melbourne.

There were three witnesses to Daniel and Sarahs' marriage. Two are hard to read and are believed to be William and Ellen Ryan, while the third is Dominick Bruggman.
Daniel and Sarah had six children:
John Denis, born 1869 (reg. 3883), died at seven weeks (reg. 923)
Amelia, born 1870 (reg. 17764) (written in the BDM as Mary Ellen)
William Daniel, born 1872 (reg. 10770), died in 1901 (reg. 9617)
Mabel Therisa Victoria
Eveline Sarah, born 1876 (reg. 14663)
Eliza Jane Maud, born 1879 (reg. 1225), died at five months, (reg.3972)


Thomas HOGAN

On: 6th September, 1905 (reg. 5893)
At: Presbyterian Church, Melbourne.

Thomas died on 17th August 1940 (reg. 8391). He was an esteemed driver for Cobb & Co. in its' time, and apparently was a friend of Constable Fitzpatrick, who was one of the policemen killed by Ned Kelly.

Sarah apparently had a further 6 children to Thomas:
Florence Maud, born 1880 (reg.22682)
Thomas Albert Victor, born 1882 (reg. 16176)
Lillian Rose May, born 1885 (reg. 9863)
Ernest Edward, born 1887 (reg. 19556)
Rosa Adela Beatrice, born circa 1889 (no record)
Irene Agnes, born circa 1894 (no record)

Thomas and Sarah ran a boarding house at 70 Gertrude St, and family legend has it that the boarders always tended to be actors. It is not known whether they were out-of-work actors, or successful actors currently lodging whilst on an interstate engagement. However, my suspicion is that this legend has become entwined with the fact that Sarahs' nieces were in fact successful actresses. It is also known that Sarah referred to herself as Mrs. Hogan as early as 1888 (and probably before), as this name is on the death notice of her mother.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1903 They lived at 70 Gertrude St. Fitzroy (as Mr. & Mrs. Hogan) with Thomas a Storeman and Sarah a dealer.
in 1909 They lived at 70 Gertrude St. Fitzroy, with Thomas as a Storeman, and Sarah a Dealer.
In 1914 they lived at 70 Gertrude St. Fitzroy, with Thomas as a Driver.
In 1919 and 1924 they lived at 40 Palmer St. Fitzroy, with Thomas as a Driver. It seems that they bought this house, known as "Thusnelda", at auction on 9th October 1918 (found in the "Argus" newspaper of the day).



Born: 1842, Paisley, Scotland
Died: 28th June, 1905 (reg. 6020)
Buried: Oakleigh cemetery, plot 511.

On his arrival in Van Diemens Land, James was listed as being a "farm lad". According to the death certificate of his son William Mitchell, James was a Newsagent. On his marriage certificate, James gives his parents as William McHutchison (Watchman) and Isabella Watt. He was a miner, living at Durham Lead.



Born: 1841, Yorkshire, England
Died: 30th August 1901 (reg. 9518)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Wesleyan area, compartment "L", grave 264

On her marriage certificate, Grace lists her parents as Samuel Mitchell and Mary Ellison, and her birthplace as Cullingworth, Yorkshire. Her occupation is Domestic Servant, living at Humffray St. Ballarat. The witnesses to the marriage were William Gay and Jane Richards. As James' sister Isabella married a William Gay, it seems that William was courting Isabella at the time. At her death, Grace was living in Rose St. Essendon. She was stated to have lived in Victoria, so would have emigrated circa 1864.

On: 25th May, 1866 (reg. 2050)
At: Residence of William McHutchison, Mount Clear (Buningyong)

James and Grace had nine children:
William , born 1867 in Buningyong (reg. 13361), died at seven weeks
Samuel, born 1868 in Buninyong (reg. 7798), recorded as McHutchinson
Isabella, born 1870 in Buninyong (reg. 1137), recorded as McHutcheson
Ellen, born 1871 in Buningyong (reg. 14626)
James, born 1873 in Buningyong (reg. 1042)
Charles, born 1875 in Ballarat (reg. 13750)
William Mitchell
Archibald, born 1879 in Ballarat (reg. 13491)
Grace, born 1881 in Ballarat (reg. 20891)


William SHORT

Born: Circa 1851, Dublin, Ireland
Died: 26th March, 1887 (reg. 897)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, C of E area, compartment "II", grave 48.

According to his marriage and death certificates, William was a carpenter. He died at 12 Canning St. Carlton, and had lived in Victoria for 30 years. It is likely, then, that he arrived with his family on board the "Tornado" in March 1858 (143/003).


Catherine Augusta HICKEY

Born: 24th June 1857, Geelong (reg. 10756)
Died: 4th October, 1943, Bendigo (reg. 21572)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, with her first husband.

At her death Catherine was living at 294 High St. Bendigo.

On: 23rd August 1875 (reg. 3326)
At: Presbyterian church, Echuca

The witnesses to Catherine and Williams' marriage were Nathaniel Allt and Sarah Elizabeth ???.

Catherine and William had six children:
William, born in N.S.W. 1876 (reg. 10699), died in 1883
Alice Maude, born 1880 in N. S. W. (reg. 18181)
Thomas Emanuel, born 1882 (reg. 11112)
Alexander Eason, born 1884 (reg. 17741)
Isabel Florence, born 1887 (reg. 17874)


William Herbert RINTOUL

On: 1890 (reg. 5948)
At: Geelong

William died on 19th May 1921, when they were living in Leveson St.
William and Catherine had two children together:
Harold Stafford, born 1891 (reg. 15122)
Elsie Jane, born 1896 (reg. 5164)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1909 they lived at Jumbunna. William was a miner.
In 1914 they were at 12 Alfred st. Richmond, with William as a Watchman.
In 1919 they lived at 9 Leveson St. Nth. Melbourne, with William as a Stableman.
In 1924 Catherine lived at 225 Hampton St. Brighton.
In 1931 and 1936 Catherine was at 294 High St. Bendigo.


Robert Wilson GRAHAM

Born: Circa 1836, Fintona, Tyrone, Ireland
Died:26th November 1902 (reg.14777)
Buried: Kew Cemetery, C of E compartment "B", grave 2148

Robert Wilson was a plumber. His death certificate states he lived in Adelaide circa 1852 for 3 years (when he emigrated with his parents).



Born: Circa 1838, Irvinestown, Fermanagh, Ireland
Died: 22nd April 1931 (reg. 6542)
Buried: Kew cemetery, C of E section, compartment "B", grave 2143A

It seems certain that Eliza came to Australia in 1857 on board the "David McIvor". She went to stay with her cousin, Mrs. Ashton, in Lonsdale St. Interestingly, there was an Elizabeth Boyd on the same journey, who went to live with her sister, Mrs. Ashton in Lonsdale St. It is not yet known if there is a link here. At the time of her marriage, Eliza was living in Richmond. Her marriage was witnessed by Isabella Beatty, assumed to be her sister. It seems they did not emigrate together.
It seems that Eliza signed a petition for female suffrage in 1891. The name simply says "Mrs. Graham, Trinity School, Hoddle Street East Melbourne".
According to her death certificate, Elizas' father was a carpenter. Eliza died at 9 Russell St. Northcote, at the home of her granddaughter Annie Eliza Beatty Green, who was the informant on her death certificate.

On: 26th October 1865 (reg. 3627)
At: Melbourne

In 1857 the Church of England built a Bluestone school on the corner of Hoddle St. and Victoria Pde. In 1869 an infant school was added. This was a wooden structure. In 1887 a new infant school was constructed nearby, and the old school was no longer used. In 1887 Robert Wilson Graham and his wife took up the lease on this building. They converted it into a 5 room house and dairy. The first mention of Robert in the Rate Books is as "occupier"in 1888, and he is listed there until 1903 (even though he had passed away). From 1904 till 1907 Eliza was the occupier, and after that Richard was listed as the occupier. In 1910 there is no mention of the building, so it is likely it was demolished, and Eliza had moved on.

Robert and Eliza had three children:
Anne Rebecca, born in Collingwood in 1867 (reg.7356)
Robert Henry, born in Melbourne in 1868 (reg. 18103)
Richard Charles

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1903 Eliza lived at 1232 Hoddle St. East Melbourne.



Born: 7th August 1848, London, England
Died: 15th June, 1922, Collingwood (reg. 4832)
Buried: Kew cemetery, C of E section, compartment “C”, grave 1,982

Henry emigrated to Australia as an 11 y.o. in 1859, on the "Roxburgh Castle" with his Uncle George Benson and Aunt Mary Ann (sister of Henrys' mother). It is currently not known why Henry came to Australia with his Aunt and Uncle.
According to his marriage certificate, Henrys’ occupation was Plasterer. He is listed as being “Henry Young, ordinarily known as Benson”. On the marriage certificate, Henry lists his parents as Octavius Young and Charlotte Champneys, while his death record shows his parents as George Benson and Mary Ann Champness. Mary Anns' Will names Henry as her "adopted son". It also states that the property at 14 Cromwell St. Collingwood be bequeathed to Henry, and on his death, to his daughter Alice Mary. Henry stayed at that address until his death.


Mary Jane Amelia BENSON

Born: August 10th, 1851, Geelong Vic. (reg. 22716)
Died: 30th May, 1946, Alexander Private Hospital, Fairfield (reg. 5466)
Buried: Kew cemetery, with her husband

On: 21st December, 1873
At: Melbourne (reg. 3842R)

Mary Jane Amelias’ birth record is actually a baptism record, and is quite difficult to read. My best guess is that she was born on 10th August, 1851. The witnesses to her marriage were her father Henry and her sister Emily Caroline Beazley. She is buried in the Kew cemetery. The story goes that apparently a young Mary J. Benson was one day to visit her father, Henry Benson, at work to take his lunch to him. She asked at the gate to see Mr. Henry Benson, and a young man appeared (obviously not her father). It turned out that there were two Henry Bensons, and young Mary ended up marrying the young man she met at the gate.
Mary and Henry had five children:
Alice Mary
George Henry Young-Benson, born 12th May 1879 (reg. 8380)
Arthur Dyson Young Benson, born 18th February 1881 (reg. 8315R)
Laura Charlotte Young-Benson, born 11th December 1882 (reg. 22075)
Annie Elizabeth Young Benson, born 23rd October 1884 (reg. 23692)
All were born in Collingwood. Note also the spelling of each surname. George Henry married Sarah Agnes Dean in 1899 (reg. 3507), and they had 4 children. George William Dean was born in 1899 (reg. 8955), and died the same year (reg. 5353). His birth record lists his surname as Dean, with the father unknown. His death record lists him as G.W.D. Benson, with George as the father. Agnes Harriet was born in 1900 (reg. 17463). George Albert was born in 1902 (reg. 25423) and died the following year (reg. 1241). Beaty Ethel was born in 1904 (reg. 17271) and died the same year (reg. 8345). Sarah also died in 1904 (reg. 8346), and it is presumed she actually died in childbirth. She is buried in the same plot as Mary Jane Amelia and Henry. See below for more on George Henry.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
From 1903 to 1919 they lived at 14 Cromwell St. Collingwood, with Henry as a Plasterer.
In 1924 Mary Jane lived at 14 Cromwell St. Collingwood.



Born: Circa 1852



Born: Circa 1859

Elizabeth was illiterate. On her son Roberts' birth certificate, she made her mark.

On: Jun Q. 1880 (Vol. 10b, p 255)
At: Tynemouth, Northumberland

Robert and Elizabeth had 6 children according to the 1911 census, but at present only 4 can be found:
Grace, born 1881
Robert Greenwell
Elizabeth, born circa 1888
Thomas, born circa 1890

It seems that Elizabeth had a child, John W. Greenwell, circa 1878. It is not known whether Robert Norris was the father.

Census records show that in 1891 and 1901 Robert and Elizabeth were living at 13 Front Row, Bebside Colliery. In 1881 Robert cannot yet be found, but Elizabeth was with her mother in law Grace (she had just given birth to daughter Grace).



Born: Circa 1855
Died: 28th September 1897 (vol. 10a/521)


Isabella FOSTER

Born: Circa 1858
Died: 10th January, 1938, Vic. (reg. 196)
Buried: Berwick cemetery, C of E section, grave 687b

On: 7th February 1875 (vol. 10a, p 970)
At: Gateshead

Isabella died at the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum. Her death certificate states that her father had the middle name Allison, and that he was a glass cutter.
Henry and Isabella had 9 children:
Henry, not found as yet
Alexander, born circa 1879
Joseph, born circa 1882
Mary, born circa 1883
Robert, born circa 1887
Henry, born circa 1891
Dora, not found as yet
Dorothy, not found as yet

On their marriage certificate Henrys' father was listed as Robert Robson, Stone Mason, and Isabellas' father was Alexander Foster, Glass Cutter. In the 1891 England census, the family were living at 13 Springfield Place, Gateshead.
In 1901 Isabella and family were in Villa View, Gateshead.

Isabella emigrated to Australia with her daughter Anna, on board the "Baradine" in November 1925. She required permission from the authorities in order to emigrate. At first thought, it would seem logical to believe that it was Anna who sought permission to bring her mother to Australia. In fact, it was Annas' brother Robert, who had already emigrated (with his wife Edith), and was then a miner living in Jumbunna, who undertook to be responsible for his mother.



Born: Circa 1827, Bergs Prgj. Norway

It is believed that Johan died between 1875 and 1885 as he is not on the 1885 census.



Born: Circa 1830, Glemminge Prgj. Norway

At: Assumed Norway

Note that in Norway the family name is actually Pettersen.
Johan and Andrea had at least ten children:
Christian, born circa 1852
Olaf, born circa 1854
Gustav Anton Marentius, born circa 1856
Jorgen Adolf, born circa 1858
Jorgine Amalie, born circa 1860
Karl Wilhelm Severin
Selmer Herman Alfred, born circa 1867
Sarra Marie Caroline, born circa 1869
Ole Paulus Theodor, born circa 1871
Morten Holger Julian, born circa 1875


William YOUNG

Born: Circa 1836, Glasgow, Scotland
Died: 31st May 1898 (reg. 9242)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, Presbyterian area, compartment "Q", grave 388

William was an engine driver. It is possible he was involved in the first railway operating in Australia (the Melbourne and Hobsons Bay Railway). He died at home at 75 Station St. Port Melbourne. His death certificate states his fathers' name was William George Young, Engineer.


Sarah Jane BARNES

Born: Circa 1839, Cork, Ireland
Died: 17th September 1918, Pt. Melbourne (reg. 10424)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, with her husband

Current research suggests Sarah Jane may have arrived in Victoria in February 1853, on the "Marian Moore". Evidence of her marriage to William cannot be found.

On: Circa October 1857
At: Emerald Hill, Vic.

William and Sarah Jane had thirteen children:
Elizabeth, born 1858 in Sandridge Vic.(reg. 5976R)
William, born 1860 in Sandridge Vic. (reg. 7135), died at 8 months (reg. 1074)
Robert, born 1861 in Sandridge (reg. 12642)
William, born 1863 in Sandridge (reg. 22907)
James, born 1865 in Sandridge (reg. 11527)
Edward, not found as yet
Henry, born 1868 in Sandridge (reg. 5352)
Sarah Jane
John, born 1872 in St. Kilda (reg. 5810), died at 5 months (reg. 5762)
George, born 1873 in St. Kilda (reg. 20405), died at 2 years (reg. 11837)
George, born 1876 in Sandridge (reg. 5282)
Walter, born 1878 in Sandridge (reg. 19055)
Unnamed male, born 1880 in Sandridge (reg. 12942), died at 1 day (reg. 8436), listed on Sarah Janes' death cert as "Charles"


William McBRIDE


On Marthas' marriage certificate (to William Westwood) she lists Williams' occupation as stone mason.






Robert WEBB

Born: 18th April 1850, South Australia.
Died:14th September 1934, Eaglehawk Vic. (reg. 16193)
Buried: Eaglehawk cemetery, grave 82.

Robert was a butcher. According to his death certificate, Robert moved to Victoria as an infant. His marriage certificate states he was a farmer from Mysia.



Born: 8th February 1859, Mt. Korong (reg. 4362)
Died: 28th May 1928, in Kerang (reg. 6182)

Ann was born at Rinders Creek, Mt. Korong. Present at her birth were Ann Coutts and Mary Rinder (the parents' mothers). Anns' father Benjamin is listed as being a hotel keeper on her birth certificate, and a bookkeeper on her death certificate.

On: 1st October 1879 (reg.4486)
At: Powlett Vic. (at home)

Robert and Ann had nine children:
George Benjamin, born 1881 in Fernihurst Vic. (reg. 16369)
Garnet Day, born 1883 in Mysia Vic. (reg.18447)
Ethel Mary, born 1885 in Fernihurst Vic. (reg. 17467)
Hannah Frances, born 1888 in Mysia Nth Vic. (reg. 22995)
Isabella May, born 1890 in Mysia Nth. Vic. (reg 15662)
Lindsay Gladstone, born 1892 in Kerang Vic. (reg. 33876)
Robert Samuel Rinder, born 1895 in Kerang Vic. (reg. 30376)
John Clarence Murray
James Llewellyn Franklin, born 1902 in Kerang Vic (reg. 3859)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
In 1903 they lived in Nolan St. Kerang, with Robert as a Butcher.
In 1909 they lived in Fitzroy St. Kerang, with Robert as a Butcher.
In 1914 to 1924 they lived in Wyndham St. Kerang, with Robert as a Drover.


George Robert LACEY

Born: Circa 1859, Adelaide, S. A.
Died: 4th November, 1945, Casterton Vic.
Buried: Swan Hill cemetery.

No record seems to exist for Georges' birth in South Australia. According to his death certificate, George moved from South Australia to Victoria at the age of about 6. His marriage certificate states that he lived at "the dairy" in Casterton.


Eliza Sarah JENNINGS

Born: 8th March, 1863, Mount Gambier, S. A.
Died: 15th July, 1932, Swan Hill Vic. (reg. 10620)
Buried: Swan Hill cemetery, with her husband.

Eliza apparently lived for 3 years in South Australia before moving to Victoria.

On: 4th April, 1882 (reg. 1523)
At: Woodside Inn, Bahgallah Vic.

The witnesses at George and Elizas' wedding were James Jennings and Ann Jennings.
George and Sarah had eight children:
George Robert, born 1882 (reg. 15350)
Mary Jane, born 1885 (reg. 1388)
Alexander, born 1887 (reg. 1724)
Rebecca, born 1890 (reg. 1863)
Annie Euphemia, born 1892 (reg. 11857)
Emily Eliza, born 1894 (reg. 24707)
Charlotte Rebecca Evelyn
Hannah Isabella, born 1899 (reg. 22773)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
From 1903 till 1931 they lived at Nyah, with George as a Farmer.
In 1936 George lived at Nyah as a Farmer.



Born: Circa 1857, England

Walter was a shepherd.


Elizabeth BARTLETT

Born: Circa 1859, England

Elizabeth was christened on 20th February 1859.

On: Dec. Q. 1879 (2b/119)
At: Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Walter and Elizabeth had 8 children:
Mancel Annie, born circa 1880
Fred, born circa 1882 (christened 10th September 1882)
Walter, born circa 1885 (christened 5th October 1884)
William, born circa 1887 (christened 3rd April 1887)
Bessie, born circa 1890 (christened 12th January 1890)
John, born circa 1895 (christened 28th July 1895)
Nelly, born circa 1899


George Arthur TULLY

Born: Dec. Q. 1867, Cuckfield, Sussex, (2b/111)
Died: Dec. Q. 1912, Steyning, Sussex (2b/312)

Georges' occupation was as a linesman at the electric light works.


Harriett May CLUER

Born: Circa 1867, Brighton, Sussex

On: Dec. Q. 1888, (2b/507)
At: Sussex, England.

George and Harriett had 9 children according to the 1911 census (8 living, one dead). However, at present only the following cam be found:
Elizabeth Ann, born March Q. 1891
George William W., born June Q. 1893
Ethel Beatrice May
Ivy Isabella, born Sep Q. 1898 (written in BDM as "Iva")
Elsie Margaret M., born Sep Q. 1900
Grace Winifred, born circa 1903
Violet Lilian, born circa 1905
Harriett also had a son James Clifford Cluer, born Sep Q. 1884, from a previous relationship. It is thought that Harriett was not previously married: Cluer was her maiden name. It is of course possible that James is one of the 8 children mentioned on the 1911 census form.

In both the 1891 and 1901 census the family were living at 36 Blackman St. Brighton, Sussex.



Thomas MAHER

Born: Circa 1817
Died: 3rd August, 1873 (reg. 7573)

Thomas is buried in the same grave as his son Michael. It is interesting to note that Thomas' death certificate shows that he had three children: Mary is not shown.



Born: Circa 1806, Queens county, Ireland
Died: 3rd August, 1892 (reg. 11277)

Ann is also buried with Michael, Thomas, James and grandson Richard Parker. Note the large gap in the birth dates of Ann and Thomas. She died at 567 Little Bourke st. West Melbourne, and the informant on her death certificate was her son in law, Richard Parker. It is believed that this was at the home of her daughter Mary.
Michaels' marriage certificate shows Anns' name to be Meara. However, this is currently unsubstantiated. Anns' name has been variously shown as O'Meara, Meara, and Mara.

On: Circa 1847
At: Queens County, Ireland

It is currently believed that Thomas and Ann had four children:
Mary, born circa 1843, died in 1910
John, born circa 1845
James, born circa 1848, died in 1889

In June 1854, the ship "Parsee" arrived in Melbourne, carrying Thomas Meagher (age 33), his wife Ann (30), and their children Michael (13), Mary (11), John (9) and James (6). It is not certain that this family is our Maher family, but it seems very likely to be them (PROV book 11, p5).








At present John and Ellen are reasonably assumed to be the parents of Ellen Foure. Note the discrepancy in the spelling. It is not known at this stage what the spelling should be.



Born: Circa 1818, Cork, Ireland.
Died: 15th June 1865 (reg. 4962)
Buried: Melbourne General cemetery, Roman Catholic section K, grave 488

Denis is buried along with his wife Catherine, daughter Abigail, son John, and grandson Arthur Brennan (of Catherine Agnes, who cannot yet be tied in). According to his death certificate, Denis was born in Cork, and was a Cooper (as was his father). He lived for 2 years in Sydney, and then moved to Melbourne circa 1840. At his death, Denis was living at 9 Little Lonsdale St. West Melbourne.


Catherine O'LEARY

Born: Circa 1818, believed Limerick, Ireland.
Died: 6th September, 1867 (reg. 8903)
Buried: Melbourne General cemetery (with her husband)

On: 20th November 1842
At: Melbourne (reg. 323 & 35532)

Catherine died at her home, 7 Little Lonsdale St. According to her death certificate (the informant was her son John), she lived in Victoria for 26 years, so would have emigrated circa 1841, and her parents were John O'Leary, Farmer, and Mary Mahony. It seems probable that she emigrated with her brother James on board the "Agricola" in October 1841.

Whilst it is known that Denis and Catherine O'Leary were the parents of Daniel, it is not yet proved that the following couple are the same Denis and Catherine. It is, however, a reasonable assumption.
Denis and Catherine had seven children:
Timothy, born 1844 (reg.175 and 37352), died in 1876
John, born 1844 (reg. 176 and 37353), died in 1875
Abigail, born 1846 (reg. 1813 and 39457), died in 1870
Jeremiah William, born 1851 (reg. 5925 and 44153)
Denis, born circa 1853 (no record found as yet)
Mary Ellen, born 1859 (reg. 11248)
It is not yet known why some children have two registration numbers. However, only those children who were shown to have had a Roman Catholic baptism have two numbers. It is thought that for some reason the two facts are linked.

It seems (according to voter lists) that Denis and family were living at 17 to 19 Bourke St. Melbourne in 1856. However, this may be misleading, because City of Melbourne rate books show that Denis (and later, John) actually owned 17 - 19 Bourke St, and lived at 7 - 13 Lt. Lonsdale St.

After Denis died, it took ten years for probate to be granted. Sons John and Denis were to be granted probate, but John died before it actually occurred. Around the same time, sister Abigail also passed away. In the end, Denis got the estates of father Denis, brother John and sister Abigail. He then set about squandering all the money in less than 2 years.


John Tonkin GILBERT


All that is known of John at this stage is that he died before his wife.



Born: Circa 1819, Cornwall, England.
Died: 26th April 1888, Fitzroy (reg. 5654)
Buried: Melbourne General cemetery, C of E, section "W", grave 440.

On: Sept. Q. 1845 (believed to be 7th August, 1845)
At: Helston, Cornwall (vol 9, p 139)

The information here has not yet been substantiated, however there is a reasonable assumption that it is correct.
On his marriage, John was listed as being a carpenter. They both lived in Meneage St. at the time. A Robert Rosewarne was one of the witnesses to the marriage, and it is likely he was Amelias' brother. Amelia was baptised on 22nd December 1816, in Helston. This obviously does not fit with her alleged birth year, so more research is needed.
It seems that John and Amelia had at least five children:
Elizabeth, born circa 1847
John James (died young)
John James (believed born 1851 in Melbourne (reg. 27099), died at 8 months)
William Edward, born circa 1853
It is unclear at this stage when Amelia emigrated, and whether John came with her. Evidence seems to suggest they came out when Sarah was a baby, and that William Edward was born in Victoria, but as yet this cannot be substantiated. We do know (from Williams' death notice) that in 1882 Amelia was living at 51 Argyle St. Fitzroy. Her death certificate states she had been in Victoria for 34 years, so she may have arrived circa 1854.
Amelia died in Brunswick St. Fitzroy, at the home of Mr. W. Moyle.

An interesting aside is that their daughter Elizabeth (Young) gave birth to a daughter Amelia, who ended up marrying Sir George Tallis (of J. C. Williamsons), and became an actress and doyenne of Melbourne society. Another daughter, Florence, was the famous comic opera singer.



Died: 1892 (reg. 12628)

An unproven source states that William was born in 1815.


Isabella WATT

Died: 1872 (reg. 554)


William and Isabella had six children:
Mary, born circa 1840
Isabella, born circa 1846
Margaret, born circa 1850
Robert, born circa 1851
William, born circa 1855
Duncan born 1859 (reg. 12811)

William, Isabella and their children arrived in Van Diemens Land on 14th October 1855 on board the "Conway", which had sailed from Liverpool.
The 1851 census of Scotland shows the family living at 6 Bridge St. Paisley Abbey, Scotland.



Born: Circa 1811



Born: Circa 1821

On: Possibly 22nd February, 1835
At: Bingley, Yorkshire, England

Ir seems that Samuel and Mary had at least six children:
Sarah, born circa 1835
Ellison, born circa 1836
william, born circa 1839
Henry, born circa 1844
Hannah, born circa 1847


William SHORT

Born: 25th July 1825, County Mayo, Ireland
Died: 25th November 1906 (reg. 15061)

William apparently was a policeman in Ireland, and after he emigrated he became a police constable in the Talbot area. He joined on 11th April 1859 (registered number 1468), and was superannuated on 19th October 1880. After his wife died, William went to live with his son Alexander, at least for a time.

Buried: Amhurst cemetery



Born: Circa 1828, Athlone, Ireland
Died: 21st September 1903 (reg. 11615)
Buried: Amhurst cemetery, with her husband

On: Apparently 17th January, 1849
At: Scots Presbyterian Church, Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland

The marriage information is from an unproven source, and should be treated as such. If the source proves to be correct, Janes' father was Alexander Eason, and Williams' father was Elisha Short.
It seems that William and his family came to Australia on the "Emperor" from Plymouth, on 6th June 1851, landing in Port Jackson. Their passage cost 6 pounds. They then left Australia on the "Lightning" for Liverpool in 1855. They later came back to Australia, in 1858, arriving in Victoria on the "Tornado".

William and Jane had nine children:
Alexander, born in N. S. W in 1852
Angelina, born 1854 (reg. 1958) known as Annie, died at sea 1858
Thomas, born circa 1856, no record at present
Jane, born 1858 (reg. 5455)
Susan, born 1860 (reg. 9608), died in 1861
Elizabeth, born 1862 (reg. 5920), died in 1865
Alfred, born in 1865 (reg. 49), died 1866
Mary, born 1868 (reg. 13359), known as Katie

Thomas became a famous band leader in the U.S.A. He apparently had the middle name "Vowler", but this has not been officially verified.



According to his daughters' marriage certificate, James was a glazier, whilst his own marriage certificate states he was a painter.

Born: Circa 1829, New Jersey, America
Died: 5th March 1892, Austin Hospital (reg. 2315)
Buried: Heidelberg cemetery

James' death certificate states that he lived in Victoria for 39 years, was not married, had no children, and was born in Ireland.



Born: Circa 1829, London England
Died: 11th June 1881 (reg. 5913)
Buried: Sandhurst cemetery, grave 7024.

Jemima was baptised on 19th September 1830. It seems she arrived in Victoria in December 1855, on board the "Calliance" (11/231). Her death registration shows her age to be 47. It also states that she only had one marriage: to John Mitchell, at age 22. Interestingly, the informant was her mother. Why there is no mention of James is unclear.

On: 2nd August 1856 (reg. 2158)
At: St. Pauls, Geelong

James and Jemima had two children:
Catherine Augusta
Thomas Henry, born in 1859 (reg. 7999), died at nine months.

Jemima had 4 other children:
John Edward Mitchell, born 1861
Louisa Thomas, born 1864, died age 3 as Louisa Hickey
Jane Ann Mitchell, born 1866
William Gardner, born 1868

It has been deemed necessary to indicate the childrens birth surnames here, as there is quite a bit of confusion. A Jemima Hickey married Thomas Gardner in 1867. There is no record of her ever marrying either Mr. Thomas or Mr. Mitchell. Jemima certainly is an interesting person.


Richard GRAHAM

Born: Circa 1810
Died: At sea, 21st December 1852 (dysentery)


Rebecca WILSON

Born: Circa 1819
Died: 12th June 1893, Dowlingville, S.A.


This paragraph is entirely unproven and needs to be treated as such. However, it may serve to help flesh out further information. There is a record of Richard Graham of Fintona, marrying Rebecca Wilson of Kildrum (sic) Dromore, on 3rd April 1835.

According to her death notice, Rebecca was 70 when she died, and was the eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert Wilson, from Kieldrom (sic) in County Tyrone, Ireland. She arrived in Port Adelaide on 19th January 1853 on board the "Shackamaxon", having set out from Liverpool with her husband and family, but Richard and daughter Isabella died as the result of an outbreak of Scarlet Fever on the ship. Of a total of 696 emigrants, 65 people died on the voyage, making it one of the worst passages in South Australian history.
Richard and Rebecca had six children:
Robert Wilson
Arthur, born circa 1839
Mary Jane, born circa 1842
Susannah, born circa 1846
Isabella, born circa 1848
Hugh, born circa 1851


Michael TEE

Died: 12th August 1897

On: 6th October 1853
At: Wesleyan Chapel, Nth. Adelaide

Michael was also widowed, and had four children of his own, three of whom died before he met Rebecca.
Rebecca and Michael had one child:
Samuel Wilson, born 26th October 1856








Curry and Annie are at present reasonably assumed to be the parents of Eliza. They seem to have had at least two children:
Isabella, born circa 1845

Isabella married Charles Browne in 1866, and died in 1890.


Octavius YOUNG

Born: Circa 1829, Camden Town, London, England.
Died: 6th January 1892 (Vol. 1a, p4)
Buried: Paddington Old Cemetery, section 3A, number 7659 (public grave)

The 1841 census shows a 10 y. o. Octavius living in Wellesley St. in St. Pancras parish (just below "The Polygon"), with his mother Anne, 40, an older brother William (20), another 10 y. o. brother Henry (were they twins?), and a 4 y. o. George. Annes' occupation was listed as "Independent", which suggests she may have had some money.
At his death, Octavius was living at 30 Lydford Rd. Paddington.
GWR railway employment records show that Octavius was born on 15th March 1829, but as yet no other evidence of his birthdate has been found. They also show he entered rail service in November 1864, first as a carpenter then a gateman.


Charlotte Tamsin CHAMPNEYS

Born:27th October 1826, London.
Died: 27th December 1900 (vol. 1a, p 33)
Buried: Paddington Cemetery (Willesden Lane, NW6 7SD), section 3C, grave number 8138 (public grave)

Charlottes' death certificate states that she died at the home of her son Walter, at 137 Bravington Rd. St. Mary, Paddington, London. The informant was her daughter in law, Elizabeth.
As present it is currently believed that Charlottes' parents were probably John Champneys and Maria Phillips. As it turns out, the entry directly above Charlottes' baptism certificate was for a George (Trease?) Henwood Phillips, whose parents are John and Thomsin. Charlottes middle name (directly below) is written as "Thomsin". There is a possibility that Charlotte got her middle name from her uncles' wife.

On: 9th October 1848
At: Marylebone (Vol. 1, p214)

Octavius and Charlottes' marriage certificate shows Octavius' father as Henry Young, Clerk. Charlottes' father was John William Champneys, Servant. Octavius' occupation was shown as Blacksmith.
They had six children:
Henry, born 7th August 1848. They lived at 3 James St. Maidenlane, Islington, with Octavius' occupation as Smith. He was christened at St. Pancras Old Church on 21st February 1850, when they lived in Sidney St., with Octavius' occupation listed as Blacksmith (St. Pancras parish baptism register 1850).
John was born 11th January 1850, and christened on the same day as Henry (St. Pancras parish baptism register 1850).
Walter seems to have been born 23rd October 1852.
Octavius seems to have been born in 1852 (it is assumed at this stage that Walter and Octavius were twins. They both appear in BDM, vol 1b, p83). Octavius apparently died at or soon after birth (BDM vol 1b, p 52).
Arthur seems to have been born 3rd February 1854.
Walter and Arthur were christened on 29th July 1854 (St. Pancras Old Church Baptism register 1854). They lived in Southampton St. at the time.
Walter apparently died in the December quarter 1854 (BDM vol 1b, p 60).
Another Walter seems to have been born in 1863. He was apparently christened on 27th June 1867 at Holy Trinity, Paddington.
The 1851 Census shows Octavius, Charlotte and John living at 29 Sidney St. (just above "The Polygon"), with Octavius as a Blacksmith. Henry is not listed, and it is assumed that he was with his Aunt Mary Ann Benson (Champneys) and her husband George, who were all at Princes Row on census night.
The 1861 census shows Octavius, Charlotte, John and Arthur living at 2 Waverley Tce (near where the present - day Harrow Rd. meets the canal), with Octavius' occupation listed as Blacksmith.
The 1871 Census shows Octavius, Charlotte, John, Arthur and Walter living at Brindley St. Octavius was a Break Blocker with Great Western Railways.
The 1881 census shows Octavius, Charlotte and Walter living at 22 Alfred Rd. Paddington, with Octavius' occupation as Railway Lab.
The 1891 census shows Octavius and Charlotte living with no children, and his occupation as gate keeper for G.W.R., living at 30 Lydford Rd. London (the modern - day Lydford Rd. W9 London).



Born: Circa 1816, Ratcliffe, London
Died: 6th March, 1892 Fitzroy Sth. (reg. 1873)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery C of E compartment "U" grave 144

Henrys’ occupation is listed as Plasterer. His death certificate shows his father as John Benson, plasterer, and Jemima Unknown. It also states his middle name as "Dyson". At present, however, no other mention of his middle name can be found. Additionally, it states that he was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, the birth certificates of at least two of his children list his birthplace as Ratcliffe, so consequently all the other details on that certificate become somewhat cloudy. Apparently he lived in Tasmania for 8 years before moving to Victoria circa 1847. Current research suggests he was in fact a convict, tried on 24th November 1834 in the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) on the charge of pocketpicking a handkerchief (value 2s.) from George Hepplewhite on the 21st November 1834. He was in the company of a William Elford, who was also charged and subsequently transported (to Port Jackson). He was sentenced to 14 years, and transported to Van Diemens' Land in 1835 as convict no. 2331. He was placed on the hulk "Fortitude" until his transportation. He arrived in VDL in 1836, and was granted a Ticket of Leave on 26th October 1841. As a TOL holder, he was assigned to the Public Works. He was granted a conditional pardon in 1846. Before his trial, he apparently lived on the Kingsland Road, Kingsland, just north east of London. Additionally, his convict records show his father to be Joseph (a Japanner), mother Jemima, and brothers Joseph, William and John. The 1841 Census records support this belief as all family members except young Joseph were living in Spencer St. Tower Hamlets. The first record we can find of him in Victoria is as a plasterer in Geelong in 1850, where he placed a notice in the "Advertiser", dissolving a plastering partnership (it is believed at this stage the partnership was with Mr. Benjamin Storey). It seems that in 1851 he lived in Kardinia St. Geelong, and in 1858 he was in Weller St. Geelong. At that time he lived next door to his brother in law, Samuel Hubbard, the General Storekeeper. It is also believed that he lived in Armstrong St. Ballarat in 1866 (according to the 1866 Post Office Directory). He then turns up at 26 Little Fleet St. Fitzroy in 1877, where he stayed until his death. However, newspaper reports of the day suggest that Henry was on 16th January 1852 digging for gold with Benjamin Storey and William Harrold. Harrold stole Bensons saddle and bridle, and was charged with same. On 29th March 1866 he was working as a plasterer with one Nicholas Gibbons, semmingly in Melbourne. A George Williams had been charged with stealing their plastering tools.
There is, however, one piece of information that may cast doubt on the "convict" theory above. Apparently a Henry Benson, who came to Tasmania on the "Aurora", left Tasmania for Melbourne on the 4th June 1852 on board the "Waratah". If this is correct, our Henry may not be the convict Henry. Hopefully further research will clarify things.


Harriet BROWN

Born: Circa 1829, England
Died: 27th August 1898, Fitzroy Sth. (reg. 11974)
Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery (with her husband)

On: 18th June, 1846
At: Hobart, Tasmania (reg. 2358/1846 ref: rgd 37)

Henry and Harriets'marriage certificate shows her maiden name as Browne. The witnesses were her father and a John Byfield, who it seems was an ex convict friend of Henry. Her death certificate states she lived in Tasmania for 2 years. However, information has been found that shows some of her siblings were born in Tasmania. The earliest one found was in 1834 (see Ann Sheargould Miller for more information). This means that Harriet arrived in Tasmania some time between her birth circa 1829 and 1834.
Henry and Harriet had nine children:
Emily Caroline, 16th November, 1846 in Hobart, Tasmania (reg. 2117/1846 ref: rgd33) (written as Emma Caroline)
Mary Jane Amelia
Jemima Ann, born in Ashby in 1856 (reg. 9031)
Henry Dyson, born in Ashby in 1858 (reg.12234)
Eliza Sheargold, born in Geelong in 1860 (reg.8647)
Annie Laura, born in Geelong in 1862 (reg. 2334)
Samuel John, born in Ballarat in 1864 (reg. 6737)
Stephen Joseph Bervan, born in Melbourne in 1866 (reg. 22642)
William Alfred, born in Melbourne in 1868 (reg. 17858)

It is interesting to note that Harriets' sister Amelia (Mather) gave birth to a son at the time Harriet had Emily in VDL. In fact, they are written consecutively in the birth register of the day, and their mother (Ann Brown) makes her mark as the wtness to the births of both grandchildren.
Henry Dyson died at the age of 2 in 1860 in Ashby (reg. 11296). Annie Laura died a spinster in 1884. William Alfred died at the age of 1 day.



Born: Circa 1812



At present it is thought that Graces' maiden name was Gair, and that she was married in 1835. However, this is yet to be firmly established.

Born: Circa 1817


Both the above are reasonably believed to be the parents of Robert Norris.

John and Grace had at least 11 children:
Mary, born circa 1836
William, born circa 1837
Margaret, born circa 1840
John, born circa 1842
Thomas, born circa 1844
Elizabeth, born circa 1846
Isabella, born circa 1849
Sarah, born circa 1857
Grace, born circa 1860
Matthew, born circa 1863
At present, it is reasonably believed that John died between 1863 and 1871 (likely 1865). It is further believed that Grace died in 1901.


Alexander FOSTER

Born: Circa 1816, Scotland
Died: Assumed between 1881 and 1891

Alexanders' surname has been shown on census returns as both Foster and Forster. He was a glass cutter.



Born: Circa 1818, Scotland
Died: Assumed between 1871 and 1881

At: Assumed Scotland

At present it is reasonably asumed Alexander and Mary are the parents of Isabella.They had ten children:
Sarah, born circa 1839
Alexander, born circa 1841
Margaret, born circa 1842
Mary, born circa 1844
William, born circa 1845
James, born circa 1848
Joseph, born circa 1849
John, born circa 1852
Robert, born circa 1861


George WEBB



Hannah EMERY


On: 11th June 1827
At: St. Mary Newington

George and Hannah had at least six children (found so far):
John William, born circa 1834
Annie Maria, born circa 1838
Maria Harriet, born circa 1841
Charles Henry, born circa 1841
Edwin, born circa 1848


Benjamin RINDER

Born: 1830, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Died: 31st October, 1914 (reg. 14395)
Buried: Inglewood cemetery



Born: 6th March, 1841, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Died: 16th September, 1902 (reg. 10080)
Buried: Inglewood cemetery

On: 1st May, 1857 (reg.2344)
At: Kingower

Benjamin and Ann had eleven children:
Samuel Coutts, born 1860 in Mt. Korong (reg. 16300)
Mary Jane, born 1861 in Inglewood (reg. 17677)
George Edward, born 1863 in Wedderburn (reg. 22152)
Herbert Wareham, born 1865 in Wedderburn (reg. 17473)
Kate, born 1868 in Mt. Korong (reg. 4494)
Frances Eleanor, born 1870 in Mt. Korong (reg. 17972)
Phoebe, born 1873 in Mt. Korong (reg. 4517)
David, born 1876 in Mt. Korong (reg. 17888)
Robert William, born 1879 in Inglewood (reg. 3516)
Benjamin John, born 1882 in Inglewood (reg. 3504)

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
From 1903 till 1914 Benjamin lived at Yarrayne, as a Farmer.


George Robert LACEY

Born: Circa 1831
Died: 1880 (reg. 915)
Buried: Dartmoor cemetery, plot 299

All the information about George is taken from Victorian BDM indicies and is subject to change. His father is shown as George Robert Lacey.


Euphemia McQUEEN

According to her emigration records, Euphemia had a child on board ship. However, this cannot be substantiated by any other record at present, including her own death certificate. She apparently lived in South Australia for 8 years after emigrating.

Born: Circa 1831
Died: 4th March 1901, Dartmoor Vic. (reg. 1371)
Buried: Dartmoor cemetery, plot 300

On: 18th May 1857
At: Residence of Norman McQueen, Bremer, S. A. (reg. 30/64)

George and Euphemia had 6 children:
Mary Anne, born circa 1858 (no record)
George Robert
John Norman, born circa 1860 (no record)
Donald Hugh, born 1862 (reg. 1936)
Thomas, born 1864 (reg. 7372)
Alexander, born 1866 (reg. 13518)



Born: 28th June, 1834
Died: 17th July, 1913, Swan Hill Vic. (reg. 11534)

At present is is believed that Georges' birth year may not be correct. A book about the Cook family states that his birthdate is that given here. however, the marriage record given here shows his age as 22. It is not yet proved that the marriage record is the right one, but all other details (including Janes fathers' name) fit.



Born: 15th February, 1841, Plumstead, Kent, England
Died: 6th July, 1924, Swan Hill, Vic. (reg. 12337)

On: 14th August, 1860
At: Mount Gambier

A good deal of confusion surrounds Jane.Her death record gives her father as Thomas Cook and mother Jane Howard, while a book about the Cook family shows them as William Cook and Rebecca Weeks.
George and Jane lived at Casterton after their marriage, and owned the Woodside Inn, on the Penola road at Bahgallah, when Eliza Sarah was born. George was apparently a "flamboyant" man, and organised picnic races at the rear of the inn; the formation of the Woodside Picnic Racing Club. They then apparently owned the Casterton Hotel. In the late 1890's they moved to Swan Hill. They had 14 children:
Anna, born 28th June 1861 in Mt. Gambier
Eliza Sarah
William George, born 20th October 1864 in Mt. Gambier
James, born 17th October 1866 in Mt. Gambier
Jane Crouch, born 12th October 1868 in Mt. Gambier
Emily, born 1870 in Sandford (reg. 18804)
George William, born 1872 in Casterton (reg. 14702)
Elizabeth, born 1874 in Casterton (reg. 7547)
Thomas, born 1878 in Casterton (reg. 7663)
Charlotte, born 1880 in Casterton (reg. 7360)
Anna, born 1881 in Casterton, (reg. 14986)
Emma, born 1883 in Casterton (reg. 15108)
Mary, born 1885 in Casterton (reg. 24122)
It is also believed that a Rebecca was born in Casterton in 1876, however no record can yet be found of this birth. Marriage and death records for her have been uncovered.

The following has been taken from electoral rolls:
From 1903 till 1909 they lived at Swan Hill, with George as a Farmer.
In 1919 and 1924 Jane lived in Swan Hill.



Born: Circa 1824
Died: Apparently Sep. Q. 1890 (2b/54)

Walter was a shepherd.



Mancels' surname has been variously shown as Harriott, Hanyott, Hariott etc. She apparently married under the name "Haryott".

Born: Circa 1828
Died: Apparently Jun Q. 1899, Sussex (2b/60)

On: June Q. 1848 (apparently 20th May)
At: Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Walter and Mancel had at least 11 children:
Elizabeth, born circa 1848
Mary, born circa 1850
James, born circa 1852
Richard, born circa 1854
Mancel, born circa 1859
Harriett, born circa 1861
Fanny, born circa 1863
George, born circa 1866
William, born circa 1867
Frank, born circa 1869

According to census data, they lived in Alfriston, Sussex in 1851. In 1861 and 1871 they were at "Hobbs Cottage", Piecombe, Sussex. In 1881 they were at 1 Hind Over, Alfriston. In 1891 Mancel was at 42 West St. Alfriston.



Born: Circa 1818
Died: Believed Mar. Q. 1880, Steyning, Sussex (2b/206)

Henry was a Brewers Carter.



Born: Circa 1822
Died: Believed Sep. Q. 1904 (2b/185)

It is possible that Anns' maiden name was Slaughter, but this is as yet unsubstantiated.


Henry and Ann are reasonably believed to be the parents of Elizabeth.
They had at least 9 children:
Benjamin, born circa 1842 (christened 5th June 1842)
William, born circa 1845 (christened 20th July 1845)
Jane, born circa 1847 (christened 19th December 1847)
John, born circa 1851 (christened 4th May 1851)
George, born circa 1855
Henry Morley, born circa 1856 (christened 21st September 1856)
Mary Ann, born circa 1862
Frederick, born circa 1863 (christened 20th September 1863)

There is a Harry, christened 13th March 1850, who is not listed in any census. He may be another child. Also a Thomas, christened 24th February 1840. In all censes, the family lived in Jarvis Lane.


William TULLY

Born: Circa 1828
Died: Mar. Q. 1897, Brighton, Sussex (2b/171)


Elizabeth WEBBER

Died: Assumed Jun. Q. 1860, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/81)

On: Jun. Q. 1853
At: Brighton, Sussex, England (2b/251)

Current research seems to suggest that William had at least 2 children to Elizabeth:
William John, born Dec. Q. 1854, Horsham, Sussex (2b/224)
Bristow Henry, born Mar. Q. 1857, Horsham, Sussex (2b/257).



Born: Mar. Q. 1842, Cuckfield, Sussex, (7/319)
Died: Sep. Q. 1896, Brighton, Sussex (2b/143)

On: Sep. Q. 1862
At: Cuckfield, Sussex, England (2b/179)

It seems that Ann had a son before she married William:
William Elsey, born Mar. Q. 1861, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/124).

William and Ann had at least 8 children together.
Annie Isabella, born sep. Q. 1862, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/112)
Thomas Wilson, born Jun Q. 1864, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/126)
Albert Edward, born Jun. Q. 1866, Cuckfield, sussex (2b/125)
George Arthur
Ernest Alfred, born Dec. Q. 1869, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/139)
Charles Edwin, born Mar. Q. 1872, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/147)
Frank Elsey, born Mar. Q. 1875, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/140)
Clara Maria, born Mar. Q. 1877, Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/155)


William CLUER

Born: Circa 1845


Harriett SUTTON

Born: Circa 1846
Died: Sep. Q. 1885, Brighton, Sussex (2b/147)

Harriett was christened on 14th September 1856.

On: Mar. Q. 1866
At: Brighton, Sussex (2b/302)

William and Harriett had at least 7 children:
Harriett May
William, born circa 1868
Harry, born circa 1873
Frederick, born circa 1875
Margaret, born circa 1878
Charles, born circa 1880
Kate, born circa 1884

Note that in the 1881 census, there is a Martha Sutton, age 72, at the house, listed as Williams' mother in law. It should also be noted that according to the 1871 census, Williams' mother is listed as Harriet Cluer, age 62.



Michael MAHER



Catherine RUSSELL



Michael and Catherine are at present reasonably assumed to be the parents of Thomas.


William O'MEARA






William and Ann are at present reasonably assumed to be the parents of Ann.





Abigail O'LEARY



Denis and Abigail are at present reasonably assumed to be the parents of Denis.








John and Mary are at present reasonably assumed to be the parents of Catherine. In addition, is is believed that they had 2 other children that died in Victoria: William (1861) and James (1871).





Elizabeth TONKIN


On: 26th July, 1818
At: Mullion Parish, Cornwall

All information relating to Robert and Elizabeth are circumstantial at present. They have been transcribed from an unknown and unproven source, and should currently be treated accordingly.



Born: Circa 1785
Died: Circa 1857



Born: 1787
Died: Apparently circa 1819

On: 11th February, 1811
At: St. Hilary, Cornwall

It seems James and Sarah had 4 children:
James, baptized 12th January 1812
Robert Garland, baptized 9th April 1815
William John, baptized 11th June 1818



On: 6th June 1820
At: Helston, Cornwall

James and Ann had a further 8 children:
Mary Ann, baptised 13th June 1821
Elizabeth Randle, baptised 21st May 1823
Harriet, baptised 29th June 1825
Joseph Rundle, baptised 1st July 1827
Julia Roskuge, baptised 18th July 1832
Emily, baptised 19th July 1829
John, baptised 29th October 1834
Sarah, born circa 1840

All information relating to James and Sarah (and Ann) are circumstantial at present. They have been transcribed from an unknown and unproven source, and should currently be treated accordingly. James' occupation was apparently a Butcher.
One piece of information seems beyond question. Emily died in Victoria in 1921, and buried in the same grave is her husband David Mallett and 3 children. With them is Amelias' son William Edward Tonkin Gilbert.
It is interesting to note that in the 1851 census the family have a visitor: A John Moyle, age 27. When Amelia died in 1888 in Melbourne, it was at the home of Mr.W. Moyle.




There is an obituary for James McHutchison in the Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette in 1869. Is is believed that this is the James McHutchison to which it refers.


Margaret CHRISTY



At present James and Margaret are reasonably assumed to be the parents of William.


Michael HICKEY


Michael was apparently a farmer.





These details are found on the marriage certificate of James and Jemima.


Frederick WILDIN


Frederick was apparently a Tinsmith.



Died: 26th July 1866.

On: 8th December 1829.
At: Christ Church, Newgate Street, London

Fred and Jemima apparently had two children:
Mary Ann, born 11th June 1833.

Jemima apparently married a William Goldsmith whilst in England. She arrived in Victoria on board the "Queen Of The Seas" in November 1855, with her husband William and daughter Heloise, aged 1.She is also metioned in a newspaper article on 8th July 1861 stating she had been convicted in 1860 on illegally selling alcohol (porter). It is also interesting that her second husband was also a Tinsmith, and had a shop in Bendigo.




Believed 1841 According to his marriage certificate, John was a widower.




On: 30th June 1818
At: St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex

At present it is thought that John and Maria had 3 children:
Mary Ann, born 6th July 1824
Richard, born 1830

In the 1841 census, Maria can be found with Mary Ann and Richard. Charlotte is staying with her uncle John and aunt Thomasin Phillips.

Mary Ann emigrated to Australia with her husband George and Charlottes' first born son Henry. See below
for further information. Richard also emigrated to Australia.



Born: Circa 1791
Died: Unknown



Born: Circa 1791
Died: Unknown

On: Unknown

At present this record is unproven, but the circumstantial evidence is very strong, and is considered to be correct. Joseph and Jemima were, according to the 1841 census, living in Spencer St. St. George in the East, Tower Hamlets, and were both born in Middlesex, as were their 4 children:
Joseph, born unknown
John, born circa 1816
William, born circa 1821

Joseph is not living with his parents in the 1841 census.


Thomas Bervin BROWN

Born: Circa 1800
Died: Circa 21st July, 1853 (no official record)
Buried: Geelong Eastern cemetery

Thomas' death notice in the local paper (Geelong Advertiser) states his age as 52, while the burial record has it as 53. Thomas was able to write, and it is interesting to note that a codicil to his will exists dated 21st July 1853 to the effect that his son was to inherit his wheelwright and blacksmith shop. To certify this Thomas made a "mark", so was at that point was no longer able to write his name. It seems that Thomas knew he was going to die, so quickly tidied up his affairs.
At the time of his death, he and Ann lived in Maitland St. Ashby.


Ann Sheargould MILLER

Born: 20th November, 1802 (Baptised 12th June 1803), Stepney, England
Died: 27th May, 1864 (reg. 3649)
Buried: Geelong Eastern cemetery (with her first husband, Thomas)

On: Circa 1817

According to Anns' death certificate, she lived in Victoria for 18 years. Therefore she and Thomas arrived in Victoria circa 1846. It is assumed they came over at the same time as her daughter and son-in-law (Harriet & Henry). It also states she lived in Tasmania for 23 years. However, this is believed to be incorrect (see below). Anns' death cetificate is hard to read, but it is believed she married Thomas at age 15. There is a death notice in the local paper that states she lived in Weller St. Ashby at the time of her death.
Current research leads us to believe that Thomas and Ann emigrated to Van Diemens' Land in 1833 on board the "Indiana" as assisted immigrants. They were paid 20 pounds to emigrate. They arrived on 11th September 1833, with children Eliza, Amelia, Harriett and Thomas.
There is a census record from New Town in Tasmania, in 1837, that gives the names of the family members at that time. Unfortunately, it does not give an address.
After the death of her husband Thomas Bervin, Ann married Matthew Lovenbury. Her marriage certificate to Matthew shows her parents as James Miller, carpenter, and Ann Davies.
Thomas and Ann had nine children. Some parts of the information below are beyond question, but some is open to conjecture, as parts of the relevant certificates are difficult to read, and therefore are subject to change:
Eliza, born circa 1822
Mary Jane
Amelia, born circa 1823
Thomas Stephen Collier, born circa 1833
Sarah Jane, baptised in Tasmania 13th November 1834
Ann Caroline, baptised in Tasmania 8th April 1837
Samuel John, baptised in Tasmania 12th July 1839
In 1864, her granddaughter Mary Jane Amelia Benson made her a tapestry, which was presented to her on 19th May. Eight days later, Ann Sheargould died.



Born: Circa 1805, BAT (England?)
Died: Circa 29th August, 1878 (reg. 8638)
Buried: Geelong Eastern Cemetery

On: 1854 (reg. 3383)

Matthew is not strictly part of the family tree. He married Ann Sheargould in 1854, after her first husband died.


Benjamin RINDER





On: Believed to be 20th January 1823
At: St. Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire



Died: 15th July 1852 (no record)

George drowned while attempting to cross the river at Keilor.



Died: 30th January 1876.


George and Mary had 9 children:,


Alexander FORBES

On: 1858 (reg. 965)

At present no official record can be found of Marys' death. However, her will gives us her death date.


Norman McQUEEN

Born: Circa 1800
Died: Believed 1875 (reg 12113)

According tp his death registration, Normans' parents were Roderick McQueen and Mary McPherson.


Rachel McLEAN

Born: Circa 1802
Died: Believed 1899 (reg.5545)

According to her death registration, Rachels' father was Donald McLean, and her mother was Mary. She was allegedly 95 years old. Her daughter Euphemias' death record lists Rachels maiden name as McCrea, but this is believed to be a transcription error. Procurement of the certificate will clarify things.


Norman and Rachel lived in Illeray, North Uist, Scotland. They emigrated under the "Highland and Island Emigration Society" plan, on the "Hercules", leaving Scotland on 26th December 1852, and arrived in Port Adelaide on 26th July 1853. Due to an outbreak of smallpox and typhus, they were required to be quarantined in Cork, Ireland, which explains their long voyage. They had with them all of their children except Rory, who emigrated with his wife Christy on board the "Neptune". They had at least 7 children:
Mary, born circa 1826
Euphemia (Effy)
Rory, born circa 1831
Donald, born circa 1833
Alexander, born circa 1835
Duncan, born circa 1837
Ewan, born circa 1843








The marriage certificate of George Jennings gives us these names. No other details are known at present.


William COOK

Born: 19th June, 1812, Plumstead, Kent, England
Died: 7th April, 1878, Minyip Vic

At present it is not certain that William is in fact the correct ancestor. The information given is taken from a book about the Cook family. However, according to his death record, Williams' father was John Cook, and his mother was Mary ann Brice. This may simply be due to confusion, but more incompatible details occur with his daughter Jane.


Rebecca WEEKS

Born: Circa 1813, Plumstead, Kent, England
Died: 5th May, 1849, Plumstead

On: Sept. Q. 1837
At: Dartford, Kent, England

Apart from Jane, William and Rebecca had five children. One was stillborn, and it is reasonably assumed that Rebecca died in childbirth. The children were:
Rebecca Charlotte, born 1838
William, born 1840
Charlotte, born 1844
Elizabeth, born 1846


Mary Ann PRICE

Born: 13th November, 1826, Kimcote, Leicestershire, England
Died: 28th August, 1896, Minyip Vic.

On: 27th January, 1850
At: Erith, Kent, England

Mary Ann is strictly not part of the family tree. William and Mary Ann had a further six children. They emigrated to Australia after the birth of their first child (Martha) in 1851. They sailed on the "Priam" as assisted immigrants, and landed in Portland on 25th August 1852 (book 6, p1). Their children together were:
Martha, born circa 1850
John Thomas, born 1857 (reg. 6884)
Frances Marian, born 1858 (reg. 18199)
Unnamed female, born 1858
Jeannetta, born 1861 (reg. 15162)
Samuel, born 1864 (reg. 10471)


Born: Circa 1801, East Dean, Sussex, England



Born: Circa 1800, East Dean, Sussex, England


James and Ann had at least 8 children:
James, born circa 1827
George, born circa 1829
Ruth, born circa 1830
Richard, born circa 1834
Louisa, born circa 1835
Walter, born circa 1839
Henry, born circa 1841


George ELSEY


George was a Gamekeeper.



Died Sept. Q. 1847, Cuckfield, Sussex (Vol 7, p 229)

On: Jun Q. 1841
At: Cuckfield, Sussex (Vol 7, p 403)

It seems (according to the 1851 and 1861 censes), George and Harriet had 3 children:
Keziah, born Sep. Q. 1843, Cuckfield, Sussex (7/307)
Charity, born Mar. Q. 1845, Cuckfield, Sussex (7/337)
He then married Susan Upton (assumed married name), who had had two children from her own first marriage:
John, born Jun. Q. 1848, Cuckfield, Sussex (7/360)
Keturah, born Sep. Q. 1850, Cuckfield, Sussex (7/363).


Susan UNKNOWN (Upton)

Born: Circa 1827

On: Mar. Q. 1853
At: Cuckfield, Sussex (2b/161)

George and Susan had at least 5 children together:
Ellen, born circa 1856
Charles H, born circa 1858
Clara Ann, born circa 1859
Margaret, born circa 1861
Kate, born circa 1863



Born: Circa 1809

George was a tinplate worker.



Born: Circa 1809


George and Martha had at least 8 children:
Ann, born circa 1832 (christened 19th August 1832)
George, born circa 1834 (christened 17th August 1834), assumed died before 1842
Edward, born circa 1836 (christened 30th October 1836)
Charles, born circa 1840 (christened 9th August 1840)
George, born circa 1842 (christened 10th July 1842)
Frederick, born circa 1850 (christened 14th September 1856)
Harry, born circa 1853 (christened 14th September 1856)

In 1841 and 1851 the family lived at 18 Robert St. Brighton, Sussex. In 1861 they were at 9 Gloster St. Brighton.



James Shergold MILLER






James and Ann appear on Daughter Anns' marriage certificate to Matthew, and also on her baptism certificate.



Born: Circa 1823, London, England
Died: 2nd May 1882

George was the uncle of Henry Young Benson. He emigrated from England with Mary Ann (below) and Henry, when Henry was 11 years old, in 1859, on the "Roxburgh Castle". It is currently not known why Henry came to Australia with his Aunt and Uncle. George eventually bought 5 properties in Cromwell St. Collingwood, circa 1868. He died in 1882, and left his full estate to Mary Ann.


Born: July 6th, 1824, London, England
Died: 16th September 1899

Mary Ann (nee Champneys) was the sister of Charlotte, Henry Young Bensons' birth mother. After George died, Mary Ann assumed ownership of the properties in Cromwell St. She gave number 14 to Henry when she died. Eventually the properties were given numbers, and they were 2, 4, 6, 8, and 14.
Mary Ann remarried in 1887, to William Walden. She died in 1899. Apart from 14 Cromwell St., all of Mary Anns' estate went to her new husband. Provision was made, however, for Henrys' children to be educated with the proceeds of the rents from her estate upon the death of Mr. Walden. After Henrys' youngest child turned 21, all the properties were to be sold and the money divided between all the children except Alice (she got the house).

George and Mary Ann also appear to have "adopted" a young man, William Kiernan Benson, who died at age 25 on 3rd October 1897, as the result of an accident. They are listed as his parents on his death certificate, but were not his birth parents.


Arthur married Maggie May Pritchard in Collingwood in 1902 (reg. 4429). She died in 1943, as a Benson. It is therefore presumed he did not re marry. They had four children. Charles Henry, born 1902 (reg. 25449) (died same year, presumed stillborn, reg. 13345) Gladys Isabella, born 1905 (reg. 9148) Dorothy Lillian, born 1910 (reg. 7549) Ivy Mavis, born 1913 (reg. 3863)

Both Arthur Dyson and George Henry worked at the Oriental Hotel in Melbourne, in the early 1950’s. This hotel was not a “pub”; it was a top class hotel.


After the death of Sarah, George married Irene Hilda Dennison in Collingwood in 1910 (reg.96). Hilda died in 1951. They had six children.
Irene Amelia, in Flemington, in 1910 (reg. 19383)
Alice Elizabeth, in Flemington, 1911 (reg. 28414)
George Arthur Victor, in Flemington, 1913 (reg. 12432)
Sylvia Evelyn Frances, in Footscray, in 1915 (reg. 12616)
Hilda Florence, in Toorak, in 1918 (reg. 7254)
Harold Cyril, in Box Hill, in 1920 (reg. 888)

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