Johns' Genealogy Pages

Hi. These are my Genealogy pages. They trace the family tree of my children. It is an ongoing project, and I suspect will never really end. Anybody is welcome to view it, and to contact me with any questions or additions / corrections you may come up with.

As you will notice, unlike many trees it begins with the parents of my wife and myself, and branches "upwards". Any references to anyone who can be affected by privacy issues has an alias. If you are, or suspect you are, related to any of us, you will have enough clues to know.

Throughout the pages you will find registration numbers ( These can be used to obtain copies (certified or uncertified) of the original documents, through the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Also, if a reference to a birth, death or marriage is in purple, I have a copy of the primary document. Please do not ask me to simply send you copies: I am not a free research service. However, if you can also help me with my research, I will be more than happy to reciprocate.

The Tree View is of course a visual representation of the family tree. You can click on a name and you will be taken to the Text page. Here you will find any information I currently have on that person.
There is also a page for "people of interest". These are people not part of the direct line (i.e. not in the tree) who have helped me in my research. Many of these people will have documentation or other relevant information which I have deemed pertinent. At present I do not have them in any real order.

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